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Oghi is an Armenian spirit distilled from fruits or berries. Oghi, a clear fruit vodka, is also referred to as aragh, which is the generic Armenian word for vodka of all kinds. It is widely produced as moonshine from home-grown garden fruits all across Armenia, where it is served as a popular welcome drink to guests and is routinely drunk during meals. In the Armenian Diaspora, where homemade fruit vodka is no longer common, oghi refers to the aniseed-flavored distilled alcoholic drink called aragh in the Middle East, raki in Turkey, or ouzo in Greece. In Armenia, however, aniseed-flavored spirit is virtually unknown. Previously, Western Armenians produced bootleg Oghi from raisins and flavored it with anise. In the old country (pre 1915 Eastern Turkey), the oghi was made from other fruits as well, including mulberries.